Case Study - Houston Dynamo

The Houston Dynamo launched their 2024 Campaign to honor Houston's diverse culture. Seeking innovative design reflecting the city's essence, they enlisted our founding partner, Mike Frost, known for his expertise in design, branding, and photography, especially within Houston's Hip-Hop scene.

Houston Dynamo


The Houston Dynamo, an esteemed sports franchise, embarked on their 2024 Campaign with a vision to celebrate and honor the diverse cultural landscape of Houston. Acknowledging the importance of innovative design that would authentically capture the city's essence, they sought the expertise of our distinguished founding partner, Mike Frost. With his extensive background in design, branding, and photography, particularly within Houston's vibrant Hip-Hop culture, Frost brought a wealth of creative insight to the project.


The project's objective centered on the development of five compelling tribute album covers intended to promote the Houston Dynamo's 2024 season schedule. Each cover was conceived as a distinct amalgamation of sports fervor and the dynamic essence of Houston culture.

The Design Process

  1. Collaboration: Our team engaged in an immersive collaboration with the Houston Dynamo's creative team, dedicating substantial time to intensive brainstorming sessions. Together, we explored a myriad of concepts and innovative approaches to bring the campaign's vision to fruition.
  2. Partnership: Working closely in tandem with both the creative and legal teams of the Houston Dynamo, we embarked on the creation of original artwork. Our primary objective was to craft pieces that not only encapsulated the essence of the Dynamo brand but also radiated an unmistakable Houstonian aesthetic. Through a harmonious fusion of creativity and adherence to brand guidelines, we ensured that each artwork resonated authentically with both the franchise and the vibrant spirit of the city it represents.
  3. Iterative Refinement: Leveraging our collective creative expertise, we developed twelve draft covers, each with its own distinct vision and artistic direction. Through an iterative process of soliciting feedback and fine-tuning, we refined the selection down to the final five covers. This curation process was instrumental in ensuring that each design encapsulated the dynamic energy and ethos of both the Houston Dynamo and the vibrant cultural landscape of Houston.


Cover 5:
Still Holdin” Celebrating the release of the special edition purple jersey.

Cover 4:
“Hustlin 4 More” A shout out to the Houston Dynamo’s 2024 campaign slogan

Cover 3:
“Hector Herrera - Welcome to HH-Town” A tribute to the Houston Dynamo’s 2024 star player and the city of Houston.

Cover 2:
“DIESEL - The Peoples Mascot” A tribute to the Houston Dynamo’s Mascot and Houston Diamond Grill cultural popularized by Paul Wall’s 2005 platinum album The People’s Champ

Cover 1:
“Houston Dynamo - Runnin’ The Game” A tribute to the Houston Dynamo and Houston’s mix tape culture

What we did

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